Campuhan Ridge Walk is situated in Ubud, which is well-known as the cultural center of Bali, verdant ricefields in every spots, great temples and also a bunch of local cuisines that worth to try. Campuhan Ridge Walk is basically a jogging track in the middle of Ubud hills, hence it’s perfect for those who love jogging and strolling since it also shows you plenty of magnificent sceneries.


Campuhan Ridge Walk Important Guides

The Campuhan Ridge Walk quickly became one of our favourite spots in Ubud, and with views like these you might know why. Now to make your visit to the Campuhan Ridge Walk a bit easier we have compiled a short list of things you should know before going here:

  • Campuhan Ridge Walk opening hours: There are no opening hours to the Campuhan Ridge Walk. As there are no gates you are welcome to enter whenever you like! However, it is not advised to visit this path when it is dark as the path is not lid and quite uneven.
  • Best time to visit the Campuhan Ridge Walk: Go early, we would even recommend sunrise early, to have this place almost completely to yourself and to avoid the midday heat. The Campuhan Ridge Walk is also beautiful around sunset, but it will often be busy around these times as it is one of Ubud’s most famous spots to watch the sun set.
  • Entry fee for the Campuhan Ridge Walk: To make it ever better, there are no entry fees either to enjoy this walk, something that might seem rare in Bali as most natural sights do ask for a small entry fee.
  • What to bring: Bring water as you might get thirsty hiking up and down the hills, at the end of the Campuhan Ridge Walk there are some restaurants and small shops where you could buy something refreshing if you’d like.

Source: Omnivagant



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