Monkey Forest Ubud, or also called the Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana is a place where we can meet a large group of monkeys. There are also some Hindu’s places of worship that we can visit in this place.

In this place you will find Hindu temples, the calming rivers, magnificent moss-covered rocks and stunning forest areas to explore. It’s also important to note that the monkeys love to run wild, so you have to be alert.


Things to explore in Monkey Forest Ubud

There are some exciting things you can do at the Monkey Forest. The first one is to interact directly with the monkeys that run wild around there as you can feed and touch them gently. The most interesting part is you can take the pictures with one of the monkeys around there.

You can find out about the cultural and historical significance of the temples and sites within the sanctuary area. Wenara Wana’s staff can even help you retrieve items stolen by the monkeys, so you don’t need to be worried if some ignorant monkeys snatched your belongings.

There are three temples (pura) you can visit in this place: The first one is Pura Dalem Agung in the southwest area, then Pura Beji in the north, and the last one is Pura Prajapati in the northeast.

You can also visit the other amazing attractions, such as the sacred pond, the holy spring temple, Dragon Stair, Open Stage, Center Point, Tree Adoption, Wooden Path and Exhibition Hall. To reach the holy spring, you need to go down the stairs and pass through the sacred pond while reciting the prayers and throwing a coin into the pond. At the east of the pond you will find a small river with clear water.


Monkey Forest Ubud important guides

  • It’s highly advised to be alert when you’re around the monkeys. To feel safe around the monkeys, you can hire the guides of Monkey Forest. They have the local guides and staffs that ready to assist you during your visit.
  • Always keep and watch your belongings. It’s not recommended to bring any valuable things such as jewelries to this place. If any of your belongings snatched by the monkeys, ask your guide to give them back.
  • When dealing with the monkeys, try not to overreact as they may perceive you as a threat. Don’t hurt the monkeys. Don’t even touch and feed them without the assistance from your guide.
  • Always stay in the visitor’s path.
  • The best time to visit this place is around 2PM as the monkeys are already full by the lunch given by visitors, so they will be calmer.

Source: Befree Tour



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