Sukawati Art Market is a popular art market among the tourists. There are plenty of kiosks in Sukawati Art Market that sells Balinese-themed clothes, art stuffs, souvenirs and many more at low prices. Sukawati Art Market is located in Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali.

Sukawati Art Market opens from 10AM to 5PM. There’s no entrance fees needed to enter this place, however you still have to pay for the parking fees.


Things to explore in Sukawati Art Market

Sukawati Art Market consists of three neighbouring places named Sukawati Art Market 1, Sukawati Art Market 2 and Sukawati Art Market 3. The tourists commonly choose the first one because of its historical value.

In this place you can get some art stuffs, such as paintings, statuettes and unique handicrafts. You can also shop for some clothes, such as T-shirts, sun hats, handbags, wallets, sandals, Balinese batik clothes, Balinese traditional clothes and many more. So everything you need is always available here. And the most imporant thing is those goods are available in a more affordable price than most places in Bali.

There’s also a bunch of food stalls inside this market in case you need for some foods and drinks during your visit.

Source: Bali Getaway, Mytrip123


How to get there from Villa Sora